Alaska Child Support Services Division

Available  Services

What services does the agency provide?

  • Locate absent parents
  • Establish paternity
  • Establish child support orders, including a support amount and medical coverage
  • Enforce child support orders
  • Review and modify child support orders
  • Direct Deposit of your child support

How does a parent apply for child support agency services?

Complete an application for services and an affidavit of payments already made or received, providing as much information as possible about the other parent. If you have a child custody or support order, please provide a copy of the order to the division, along with any previous or amended orders in the case.

How does the agency determine how much child support is owed each month?

If there is a court order, such as in a divorce or dissolution, the order usually sets the amount of the child support payment.

In the absence of a support order, the agency will determine the child support obligation based on the guidelines established in Alaska Civil Court Rule 90.3 . The guidelines are based on a percentage of the parents’ income. The percentage varies with the number of children and the type of custody.

Does the agency charge any fees for its services?

Fees are only charged to reimburse the state for genetic tests, attorney fees and process server fees. The fees are charged to the parent who is ordered to pay child support.

Other states may charge for some services if one of the parents lives in that state, even if the other parent lives in Alaska.

Can the agency help find noncustodial parents who owe child support?

Yes. We will attempt to find the parent using whatever information is provided by the custodial parent. The most important information in finding missing parents is their Social Security number. If the Social Security number is unknown, other information such as date of birth, friends, relatives and former employers should be provided.

Can the child support agency collect alimony or spousal support?

In cases where there is both a child support order and a provision for spousal support, often called alimony, we will collect and enforce both types of support obligations. But we cannot collect and enforce spousal support alone.

The agency can't establish orders for spousal support; this must be done through the courts.

Can the agency help enforce an order for medical insurance coverage for the children?

Yes. The custodial parent needs to indicate on the application for services that an order for medical insurance coverage exists, and that the agency should help enforce it. If the custodial parent is receiving public assistance benefits, the child support agency will automatically enforce medical coverage for the child.

Why do child support payments go to the state when the custodial parent receives public assistance?

Parents must assign their rights to any unpaid child support debt and continuing monthly child support to the state for the time they are approved for public assistance benefits. The state collects the money as partial reimbursement for the public assistance benefits.

Can a custodial parent apply to the agency to help collect child support if the other parent was making payments voluntarily but later stopped sending any money?

Yes. Please complete an application for services and an affidavit listing all of the payments received. The agency also will need a copy of the divorce decree or separation agreement, the current child support order and any previous orders and other documents issued by the court.

Will the agency help with visitation, custody or property settlement matters?

No. The agency has no authority to assist either party with these matters. You need to contact a private attorney, Alaska Legal Services or the court system if you have questions.

How does a parent sign up for direct deposit?

Direct deposit allows us to deposit child support payments into your bank account or to the Key2Benefits Prepaid Debit Card. It's secure and convenient. It also gives you quick access to your funds.
Get a copy of the forms => Direct Deposit Authorization (in PDF Format)
K2B Enrollment (in PDF Format)

How do I update or change my mailing address?

To change your address of record with CSSD, parties need to submit new address information in writing.

Address information can be mailed to any of our offices (see listing below), faxed to Customer Service at (907) 787-3220, or faxed directly to your case worker. Employee Directory

The request needs to include the following:

  • Your name (clearly written or typed)
  • Case number, member ID or social security number
  • New address and phone number
  • Your signature

What are the addresses and phone numbers of the agency's offices?

Statewide - Main Office (Anchorage)

550 W 7th Ave Suite 310
Anchorage AK 99501-6699
Phone: (907) 269-6900
Fax: (907) 787-3220