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Debit Cards


Effective May 1st, 2008 JP Morgan will be placing a “block” for pay at the pump transactions; this will require card holders to go inside the service station to complete the transaction.

In addition, tolerance factors will be applied to five other cardholder transactions such as:

  • Cruise Lines
  • Rental Cars,
  • Hotels,
  • Special Telecomsuch as 900 numbers
  • Mail Order Postage.

You will be required to have a specified card balance for the transaction to occur, if your card balance is less than the dollar threshold imposed for the transaction your card will be rejected, if there is a sufficient balance on your card the transaction will proceed and the amount of the dollar threshold will be unavailable for you to use until the final purchase amount is submitted and processed through JP Morgan.

More detailed information regarding these changes will be sent to you in your monthly statement from JP Morgan, please refer to this important notice or contact JP Morgan’s customer service center at 866-865-1382 for more information on these changes.

Customer Service Enhancement - Deposit Notification Alerts

J.P. Morgan is developing a new way for debit cardholders to keep track of the funds in their accounts by offering Deposit Notification Alerts for various debit card programs.

For more information => MyAlerts