Alaska Child Support Services Division

Employee Email and Fax Addresses

Getting around the Directory

The directory is organized into the agency's functions and lists the section's office assistants, caseworkers, supervisors and manager.

  • Some of the cases are assigned alphabetically by the paying parent's last name. If the last name of the paying parent later changes we will continue to use the paying parent's name that was given at the time the case was first opened.
  • You can contact your caseworker by e-mail, or scan and send documents. Written correspondence is usually more effective since voice messages require additional time to write down the information.
  • For general inquiries to the agency regarding frequently asked questions please send questions to


By Paying Parents Last name Caseworker Name E-Mail Address Direct Phone
Domestic Enforcement: Both parties live in Alaska.
AA-APOKD Verola Ferrell 269-6668
APOKE-BENTN Erinn Brian 269-6990
BENTO-BRUD Brooke Groh 269-6783
BRUE-CHES Melissa Breager 269-6958
CHET-CUNM Ken Medina 269-6931
CUNN-DUFK Sharon Stanfield 269-6829
DUFL-FIRL Anna Lufkin 269-6946
FIRM-FUNF Sharon Carter 269-1090
FUNG-GW Adrelia Putman 269-6971
HA-HILLA James Breland 269-6978
HILLB-JACP Sonja Goedde-Lund 269-6085
JACQ-JOHNSO Raven Nolan 269-6772
JOHNST-KN Wendy Nisonger 269-6930
KO-LINDSA Kevin Dean 269-6934
LINDSE-MAC Christina Bond 269-1048
MAD-MELR Chris Crawford 269-6827
MELS-NAD Marva Jones 269-6907
NAE-OSG Chelsea Gorup 269-6944
OSH-PITS Cyndi Fisher 269-6053
PITT-ROBINR Sherice Massey 269-6866
ROBINS-SEI Michele Johnson 269-6961
SEJ-SOLK Harmony Poulsen 269-6959
SOLL-TAUM Marianne Young 269-6051
TAUN-UV Linda Beard 269-6963
UW-WHED Cari Bernier 269-6957
WHEE-ZZ Lacey Osburn 269-6965
Domestic Enforcement Supervisors & Manager
Supervisor: Tim Lightner 269-6684
Supervisor: Rachel King 269-1098
Supervisor: Brenda Smith 269-6941
Supervisor: Christine Crossen 269-6688
Supervisor: Joan Bernard 269-6954
Enforcement Manager: Autumn Roark 269-6838
Foster Care
ENF AA-KZ Jenelle Aquino 269-6609
ENF LA-ZZ Jenci Desjardin 269-6935
Intergovernmental Cases: Paying parent lives outside of AK and CSSD is working with the state of their residence.
AA-BOWEN Donna Erickson 269-6689
BOWENA-CORMIE Felila Afualo 269-6920
CORMIF-FIELDS Ethel Purdue 269-6654
FIELDT-HARTGR Kenyatta Singleton 269-6671
HARTGS-JUARE Jessica Dyment 269-6921
JUAREF-MARCUE Meldoney Webb 269-6660
MARCUF-NEELY Chuck Grediagin 269-6814
NEELYA-REINAN Leslie Kramer 269-6876
REINAO-SMALLE Rebecca Wilson 269-6653
SMALLF-WALDRO Rachel Rodriguez 269-6861
WALDRP-ZZ Amber Barney 269-6939
Registry Cases (TM28) Lorie Mills 269-6975
Erika Hudson 269-6985
Intergovernmental Responding Caseworkers:

Paying parent lives in Alaska, custodial parent lives in another state and their state asks Alaska to enforce.
AA-FARNER Toscha Alexander 269-6923
FARNES-MAGAT Ola Hartley 269-6769
MAGATA-SIMMON Kim Small 269-6925
SIMMOO-ZZ Jared Hakkinen 269-6922
Intergovernmental Supervisors & Manager
Intergovernmental Supervisor: Kit Ward 269-6850
Intergovernmental Supervisor: Michael Soule 269-6821
Intergovernmental Supervisor: Rob Short 269-6820
Intergovernmental Supervisor: Ashley Laurin 269-1069
Intergovernmental Manager: Christy Fraser christy.fraser@alaska,gov 269-6837