Alaska Child Support Services Division

New Hire & Wage Withholidng

We at CSSD are very interested in working with employers to assure compliance with the state's new-hire reporting law. This law will help children in Alaska and other states as we are able to quickly determine where absent parents are working.

Alaska enacted the Employer Reporting law in 1991.   Later amendments to that law now require all Alaskan employers to report every new hire and rehire to CSSD. This law helps us find out where noncustodial parents work so that children can quickly get support. For more information about this program, please follow the links to:

Employers may submit the data by email or CD. If you use one of these means, you must use the format listed on the New Hire Chart and report it twice monthly. If you cannot report by email or CD you can use the Employer Reporting Form .  Another reporting option is through our MyAlaska enabled web application Employer New Hire Reporting . This information may also be transmitted by mail or you may fax a copy of the employee’s W-4 form to (907) 787-3197. CSSD is willing to work with employers to define other acceptable methods of data transmission.

If you have any questions, please call our New Hire Reporting Message Line at (907) 269-6685.  Outside of Anchorage use our new In-State Toll Free Number: 877-269-6685 for information or questions on New Hire Reporting. 

Wage-Withholding Orders

All Alaska child support orders must include a wage-withholding order.  It's also called income withholding, garnishment or wage assignment.  It's the most effective way of collecting child support and there's nothing wrong with an employee who pays child support through wage withholding.  For more information about wage-withholding orders, please review the Alaska Employers Guide to Child & Medical Support .