Alaska Child Support Services Division

Frequently Asked Questions about
Visitation Credit

Am I entitled to a visitation credit against my child support obligation when I have the children?

If your child support order grants a credit for visitation then your monthly support obligation can be reduced by the percentage specified in your order. Credit should be requested after the visitation has occurred. You will need to provide the agency with a written request for the credit, along with documentation to show the visitation occurred. (See below for examples of the documentation necessary to receive visitation credit.) If your court order indicates a specific period of time for the visitation to occur, you must provide the agency written notification that the visitation is occurring and provide the actual dates of visitation.

 If your court order does not specify a certain period of visitation but allows a visitation credit, you must provide proof of the visitation. Proof can be:

  •  Written verification from the custodial parent that the visitation was exercised
  •  School records showing dependents were enrolled
  •  Day care receipts during the visitation period
  •  Airline tickets or itinerary
  •  Affidavits from neighbors or relatives of the paying parent attesting that the dependents were in the residence with the paying parent during the visitation time frames.

If your court order does not specify the percentage of credit you are to receive, the percentage will be defaulted to 50%.

Credit for transportation costs and/or expenses will only be given if your order states the costs will be offset against your child support obligation.

 If your court order does not grant a visitation credit, CSSD is unable to grant credit without a modification of the court order.

Alaska Administrative Support orders do not allow for visitation credit. Visitation credit can be given only if both parties agree to the credit in writing, and specify the percentage of credit to be given.