Alaska Child Support Services Division

Complaint Resolution Office

Complaint Resolution

The CSSD Complaint Resolution office is tasked primarily with resolving complaints filed with the Governor, Commissioner, Ombudsman, State and Federal Congressional Delegation, the Alaska Legislature, and other official sources.

We also handle complaints filed by customers; however, you are encouraged to attempt resolution with the caseworker or supervisor first.  You may be able to resolve the problem yourself by calling the person most directly involved.

Following these guidelines as you communicate with CSSD staff may help eliminate the need to contact the Complaint Resolution section.

The Art of Complaining

Be prepared.

Write down your questions before calling. Have all the information available that you may need in your discussion.

Be organized.

Keep good records and take notes. Ask for the names of the people you talk with and save all your letters.

Be curious.

Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. Ask for a supervisor if you're not getting answers that make sense.

Be calm.

If you become emotional, your ability to think clearly and ask important questions will diminish.

Be persistent.

If you are still dissatisfied, ask the supervisor for a referral to Complaint Resolution. You can also reach Complaint Resolution via email at . Please allow three business days for a response.